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Hey to all the msc members, this is jaymee here just giving a shout out to all my fans and viewers, i'd like to let you know i'll currently be in pchat throughout the week, evenings and weekends so it would be great to meet you all

A bit about myself here..

I'm a 22 yr old from Canada. I am heavily in fitness and keeping my body into shape and eating the right foods necessary for a healthy lifestyle. I'm also in the modeling industry, working with photographers in building a solid portfolio.

Just a laid back and carefree guy who likes to show off for the hell of it and meet new friends. I've gotten a few comments calling me a fag. Well for the record, I am straight. But even if I was gay, who gives a fuck?! lol

Pic 8/21/2007





Pic 8/21/2007

Pic 8/21/2007

JAYMEE Makes Member Chat Debut

Jaymee made his very first member chat on Aug 20, 2007 and with great success. Immediatley members were not only attracted to his sheer beauty but were capitivated by his awesome personality. We at MSC are thrilled that Jaymee has joined our website. No doubt he has opened many doors and is on his way to becoming a huge success.

Jaymee is available for personal pchat sessions nightly. This is your chance to talk with Jaymee on a one to one basis. Trust me, you will have the time of your life and you don't even have to be a member to chat with link below

Pic 8/21/2007

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